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Ecamm Live Apple Mac

Ecamm Live software comes up with advanced features; it’s so easy to set up and use that you get easily addicted to it. Plus, the help community is a great addon.

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OBS Studio

This software has unique features that make it efficient and widely used software with a large demand for streaming software available.

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XSplit Broadcaster

Streaming and recording application for content creation which powers the big events in gaming, and esports. Perfect for Online Events and Professionals.

Conduct live video interviews with as many as up to 4 remote guests.

Ecamm Live Trial

App designed to give you tremendous control over live streaming, with unique capabilities for Facebook Live, YouTube Live, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch


Business Live Streaming The Very Basics

By live-streaming your event or show on the internet, you can reach a global audience. It has the potential to boost interaction and engagement rates significantly.

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Keep Your Setup Simple

Every bit of kit you add to your setup adds to its complexity. And if one of these components fails, your entire live show could be adversely affected!

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Ensure Bandwidth Availability

Understand exactly your Network! Check your upload speed to ensure that your live stream has consistent upload bandwidth.

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Stream Audio

Audio setup does not always get the attention it deserves. After all, delivering a professional live stream requires audio.

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Test Your Stream

Streaming to a backup account is a way of testing your stream prior to actually going live. Create a new account on social media with no friends and placed all publishing notices to private.

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Topic Ideas Gets Easier

As you receive practise interacting and engaging with your viewers, you’ll become more aware of what topics they find most compelling.

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Look At The Camera

Make sure your eye line into the camera lens is correct, and resist the urge to stare at the monitor! Place the reference monitor in close proximity to the lens.

Why Live Streaming Is Important For Your Business?

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Why Live Streaming Is Important For Your Business?

Live streaming aids in the development of your brand’s online presence. Here are a few streaming tips to help your brand reach the largest number of potential viewers outside of YouTube.

Potential Viewers

Facebook Groups are a great place to share your live video.

Live Streaming Works

The Internet is made up of people who have a common interest or affiliation with a certain topic.

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What Equipment Do You Need To Live Stream?

For beginners, setting up a streaming setup is relatively simple. A camera, microphone, lighting, and a stable internet connection are all required.


Video & Audio Podcasting

In simple words, a video podcast is generally a video format of audio podcasts.

Focus On The Viewers In Your Live Streaming

When it comes to live streaming, visual podcasting, and video production, you’ll need to begin to think about your video gear kit pretty quickly. This entails thinking beyond your computer. You’ll need a microphone, headphones, a camera, and some lights for more studio setups (yes, that includes your home office studio). However, will always need to focus on the viewer!

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